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Welcome, I am Emma Carlin. Owner, Lead therapist and trauma specialist.

Radiant Health was just a dream but it was always going to happen - rewind back a few years (Okay quite a few!) when I worked in Hospitality, running busy pubs and leading a very hedonistic lifestyle, I myself would always go and have various therapies from massage to facials, body wraps or simply having my nails done. It was a balance in my mind that was needed during a very hedonistic time. Fast forward a couple more years to me disappearing off to Australia where I went in search of myself (true story) I loved this country and although I was still in hospitality I loved the outdoor lifestyle and looked to improve my health, then BAM! I met a chef from the Cook Islands who I fell head over heels in love with, but sadly this love story did not end well, it was a mental and physically abusive relationship that left me empty. Thankfully one day as I was heading into Elwood I met an angel (Holistic therapist) she helped me with back pain BUT more so she helped my emotionally through Reflexology and massage and I was hooked!

Fast forward some more and I was 4 months pregnant to my Island love, however I knew deep down inside that I was not going to stay with this Islander, he was heartless in his own hedonism and I knew I had to leave - it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I made a phone call home to my parents and within 48hrs I was back in Dronfield, UK - homeless and going to be a single mum, the depression hit hard. Thankfully my parents took me in and I began to re-build my life again. I walked every day with Wilbur (mum's black lab) he was such good therapy for me, he listened to my heartache and licked my tears with nothing but pure love. I then found a yoga group that was designed specifically for pregnant mums to-be and it wasn't until then that I finally connected with the beautiful miracle that was growing inside me. I also connected with a holistic therapist who gave me some treatments (sadly being on benefits and out of work - who wants to hire a pregnant lady!) I couldn't afford more than 2 sessions, however they did me the world of good and it was then that I decided that as soon as baby was born I would go and train as a therapist myself...

That was 14yrs ago and I had made a promise to myself that I would lead a holistic spiritually heart lead life and create my own happiness and freedom. I now have 3 children, (I actually met Richard my husband the day I was due with Lizzie but that's another story)

I have continued to study, Reflexology in many forms: Maternity and fertility, Cranio sacral, Palliate care as well as clinical. I am a massage therapist in hot stones, salt stones, aromatherapy and deep tissue.  I have continued my professional development and have qualified in Indian head, holistic facials, Japanese Tsuboki facials, Reiki and meditation.

More recently I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I was one of the first 8 people worldwide to train as a Belief Coding Trainer (This combines NLP, EFT, Kinesiology, Matrix re-imprinting and Hypnotherapy)

With all my years of expertise and wisdom combined, I have created alongside with my team the most beautiful clinic in Dronfield where we are the town's leading therapists when it comes to getting people out of pain whether that be physically or mentally. We know how to hold space for people that have or are going through trauma and we can help.

Once you walk inside our haven, it's like coming home to yourself with a knowing that everything is going to be alright, I promise you, you will feel comfortable, safe and cared for when you are with us here at Radiant Health.

When your plans and schemes and your hopes and dreams beg for you to let them go.

Rise sister rise.

When the life you have so consciously created all comes crumbling down.

Rise sister rise.

When your soul is heavy and your heart broken in two.

Rise sister rise.

When you gave it your best, and it wasn’t quite enough.

Rise sister rise.

When you’ve been beaten and defeated and feel so far away from home.

Rise sister rise.

When you find yourself in a million pieces with no idea which bit goes where.

Rise sister rise.

When you have loved and lost. And then lost again.

Rise sister rise.

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