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"If you don't take care of your body...where will you live?"

We all get one chance at life.

By creating a healthy body and mind that life will be a long and happy one.

At Radiant Health we work to give you the wellness treatments that you need and deserve regardless of age.
Reflexology can produce almost miraculous results through the techniques of pressure points to trigger a physiological change

Yoga, meditation and Pilates strengthen the mind, body and spirit to help find a complete level of mindfulness.

With both premises in Dronfield next to each other and simple pricing structures, you can take advantage of a complete holistic approach to your wellness and open when you need us most.

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A centre to train mind body and spirit. Come in and enjoy the feeling of calm, strength and peace.

Enjoy pilates, yoga, mediation and more in our custom built studio with a heated floor.

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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that applies gentle pressure to the feet or hands to stimulate energy pathways in the body.

This can help in dealing with stress, pain and overall wellbeing.

"With good health comes great happiness"

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Massage Therapy

Young Adults

Being a teenager can be tough. Helping them channel their energy productively helps keep them balanced

Grown Ups

The pressures of day to day life can take its toll. Take some time to re-energise yourself


"You are as old as you feel" they say. Stay young forever with the treatments for mind and body

Our pricing options to give you the flexibility of treatments and activities you want.

Radiant Health specialises in supporting the recovery of life enjoyment limiting conditions.

Some of our clients have suffered migraines, infertility, chronic pain, anxiety and the treatments they receive have helped them fantastically.


If you are thinking of trying us out, we would love to welcome you.

To make the decision easier for all NEW clients we are offering ANY treatment for just £37!

Our diary is a little bit too fluid to enable online booking so please do hit the
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