Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that involves applying pressure to the hands and feet to produce changes in pain and other benefits elsewhere in the body.

How Does Reflexology Work?
The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are certain points or "reflex areas" on the feet and hands that are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body.

By applying pressure to reflex areas, a reflexologist is said to remove energy blockages and promote health in the related body area. 

Pressure on the reflex points also helps to balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins that help to reduce pain and stress. 

Why Do People Get Reflexology?
People have used reflexology to address these conditions:

Stress and stress-related conditions
Tension headaches and migraines
Digestive disorders
Hormonal imbalances
Sports injuries
Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Digestive problems, such as constipation
Multiple sclerosis
Back pain

What Does Reflexology Feel Like?
Most people find reflexology, for the most part, to be very relaxing. Reflexology shouldn't be painful. If you feel discomfort, be sure to tell the reflexologist. They should work within your comfort zone.
Some areas may be tender or sore, and the reflexologist may spend extra time on these points. The soreness should decrease with pressure. If you're ticklish, not to worry. The reflexologist applies firm pressure to the feet.
Most people feel calm and relaxed after a reflexology session. 

Reflexology vs. Foot Massage
While a foot massage may feel the same as a reflexology treatment, a reflexologist will work on areas to promote a healing response in the corresponding organs.

A massage therapist giving a foot massage will manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve pain, and heal injuries in the area or to induce overall relaxation.

Single Session

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Deluxe Reflexology

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Package of 6

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Clinical Reflexology

Reflexology is aimed at treating the 'whole' body restoring homoeostasis and improving the body's ability to heal itself. Any questions about your appointment please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

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Over 60's

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Reflexology Taster Session

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